Who is brave Magazine?

Be brave.

We all begin life bravely — brave to be born, to take our first steps and to go to school for the first time. Bravery happens at all ages and on many levels. To some, being brave is as simple as getting out of bed in the morning, braving a crowd of people or hosting a party.

Most, however, use the word brave to describe someone facing great danger or challenges — to bravely go to war, run into a burning building, serve and protect, face a debilitating illness, or accept death.

There is life-changing bravery: the bravery that gives one the strength to change jobs, start a business, move to a new city or get divorced. It takes bravery to change oneself.
This magazine is about being brave in life.

Working with the public through my flag business for almost 40 years has given me the opportunity to hear a lot of stories. Every week, the employees of Arkansas’ Flag and Banner and I convene bright and early for our 7 a.m. Monday meeting. Often, the general talk brings up stories they heard the previous week. We discussed sharing these stories on blogs or our Website, and then it came to us — why not start a small bi-annual magazine? It rang true.

So here we are. We’re not academicians, aspiring authors or magazine mogul wannabes. We’re just flag makers with some real-life stories to share about brave people.

Share your Brave story with us! Email letters@bravemagazine.com.