Readers Rave about Brave

Our readers have told us just how much they love Brave Magazine! We often are told that readers like to read our magazine from cover-to-cover. In this day and age where everything is so fast paced and moving away from the printed word it is extremely flattering to have readers who do actually read the magazine from the front cover to the back cover!

I got my [Brave] magazine last night & read it front to back.  Every page was better than the other.  Loved the Nautical flags.  The article on your [publisher Kerry McCoy] dad’s military deployment was a wonderful story that finally had a happy ending. How much are the Grave markers,  I need 3 Army & 1 Air Force?
Adam Brown was a Hero, I am a diver maybe someday I will go see the underwater Memorial, I am so glad I know his story now. First thing I saw on page 30 was the DAR grave marker,  I knew about the stones and leave them sometimes, but I still like to take flowers too. Thanks again for a wonderful magazine. ~ ReBecca Van Patten Smith and Frederick Van Patten Chapter, NSDAR
~ (Becca Smith) First Security Bank

Our printer [Century Publishing - Angela Palm] called to check on what we thought of the work and I of course told her thank you for such a beautiful print job. Those guys are awesome in her press facility. She also wanted to say how beautiful she thought the magazine was. She always takes a look at the first runs as they come off the press to make sure it is looking good and she said she fell in love with all the black and white photography, the history, the colors and just general layout of the magazine. She praised us for a great job on putting together such a cohesive and visually appealing magazine. She said she prints thousands of local and regional magazines and ours is one of the best she’s ever dealt with. Said she loved all the stories, instead of just checking it for print mistakes she ended up reading it cover-to-cover. Thought you’d like to hear that especially from someone who deals with thousands of print jobs. ~Tammie McClure ~ Brave Magazine Art Director

Madison, you're a genius.  I grinned the whole time looking at it. Bravo to Brave! ~ Dlorah deVore

Brave is good and interesting. ~ Cathy Mayton, Stella Broyle Trust, Little Rock, AR

I really enjoyed your magazine yesterday read it from cover to cover. ~ William D. Turney McGehee, AR

Loved it!! Please continue on mailing list as the following:SMTC, Camp Robinson - ATTN:  Judy Ramer

Love the the article about restoring LR Dreamland Ballroom. ~ V. White

Love your new Brave Magazine; great articles. Please continue to put in at least one article pertaining to our American Flag or patriotism. Looking forward to the next issue. Great job - keep up the good work!
~ Sue Beckmann Ladage, St. Louis, MO

Love this new publication! We are working on saving an old Gym in Camden and the timing was just perfect to bring a word of encouragement!  Would it be possible to pick up extra copies while I'm in Little Rock today? At some point I would love a tour of the building. ~ Amanda T. Wunnenberg

What a wonderful article written about one of the most intriguing and captivating women I know.
As the article alluded to, Grace Blagdon is a force to be reckoned with. Not only has Grace Blagdon, shifted the 'bad neighborhood' ambiance, it seems that  a culture of unwavering fortitude is being sowed.
Congratulations to the city of Little Rock and Park Street on the restorations that are taking place. I hope one day to walk down historic Park Street and revel in the bouquet of accomplishment. ~ Amelia Boik

OMGoodness! I thought i was the only person that thought that a patriotic wedding was pretty! Done right, this could be a beautiful and fun day for all involved. ~ K.A. Davis

Thanks so much for bringing by the inaugural copy of Brave for us. It looked awesome! ~ Fran Plymale, Little Rock Convention & Vistors Bureau

I just wanted to say the magazine I got from yall was Amazing! I learned so much about yalls company and Little Rock. Can't wait til we make a trip to see yall.~ Melissa McCollium

Love the magazine and the managing editor....  ~ Keltie Tezel

Well done ladies! Actually VERY well done. Will read it from cover to cover tonight Can you send addl copies? ~ Bob  Caggiano, New York, NY ~ Annin Flagmakers

I just finished reading every word of BRAVE - Spring & Summer.  The entire magazine is compelling.  Every article is beautifully written, interesting, educational, inspiring and emotionally moving. The advertisements are enticing, your Publisher's comment is a credit to your thoughtful recognition and appreciation of others needs and successes. When we next visit Read's grave I will place a rock to further affirm that his memory will never die.  Thank you for sharing BRAVE with all of us. ~ Ann McCoy, Little Rock, AR

 Thank you for the magazine you recently sent to us. I enjoying the article on the USS Razorback. I had looked up information on the Razorback some time back but did not find much info. It was good to fill in the gap with the info from your article.Also thank you for the article covering our family friend & hero Adam Brown. That was a surprise & nice touch. ~ Thank You, Teresa Grenwelge

I enjoy your Brave magazine.  I have used Ark Flag and Banner in my Great American Wild West Shows for 20 years ...seen by hundreds of thousands across the USA. A National touring show based in Arkansas. ~ Don Endsley, Owner ~ The Great American Wild West Show

OMG Madison! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Excellently written! I wanted to Cry and Cheer all over again!  I REALLY REALLY LOVE the story! I can hardly believe its me! LOL! ~ Tianka Sheard, Little Rock, AR [Subject of the feature story: Brave Change: Breaking the Cycle]

This is the best issue of any magazine I have ever read. ~ Karl Hochradel

Really enjoyed the spring/summer issue of Brave. Please keep me on your mailing list!! ~ William Burnett